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New Water, New World!

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Dr. Hidemitsu Hayashi’s Original HydrogenRich Mineral Stick

• Tired of drinking 8 glasses of water a day only to find you’re still de-hydrated?
• Tired of choosing a chlorine cocktail of tap water or poisoning the earth with plastic?
• Tired of oxidative stress damaging cells 24/7 making you feel the onset of aging?
• Tired of the cost of arsenic-rich bottled water?
• Tired of being tired?

You’ve come to the right place! Take a cool drink of Hydrogen Rich Water and experience the words of David,

“He leads me beside still waters”

Ahhh. Refreshing!

It's Easy!

Place it in your personal portable reusable water container and just add water. Shake 15 seconds and in 15 minutes enjoy Hydrogen Rich Water for health and vitality.
The Stick lasts at least 6 months for 800 uses and filters 1600 liters of water.

HydrogenRich WaterStick Instructions - PDF 6MB

For pennies a day (or approximately $5.00 a month) Drink Hydrogen Rich Water and get healthy!

• Just Add Water (tap or filtered) to your personal reusable, portable water container and drop in the Stick. Save the Planet. Save Money. Save your health! Hydrate! Drink Hydrogen Rich Water and get healthy!
• 24/7 the Stick will work for you between 6 months and 1 year producing a precious supply of active hydrogen giving a healthy ongoing supply of Hydrogen Rich Water.

Drink Water & Get Healthy!

Get Vitality with the world’s oldest anti-oxidant – Hydrogen!

Use Dr. H. Hayashi’s original Hydrogen Producing Mineral Stick
Just add water and drink in the results. Your body will thank you as you wash your troubles away!


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What is an antioxidant?

• An antioxidant scavenges free radicals.

• However, most antioxidants in the form of food create another free radical in the digestive process.

• With Hydrogen Rich Water produced by the Hydrogen Producing Mineral Stick, the free electron of hydrogen that is continually produced in the water scavenges free radicals and produces water as it’s by product - further aiding the body in hydration!

• Hydrogen is truly the Best Antioxidant on earth! God does good work!

• Dr. H. Hayashi created a way to have ongoing production of hydrogen (since it is the lightest gas) in your own personal water container to aid health and vitality. What he calls “Up stream medicine” as it gets to the source of all disharmony, disease and aging by reducing oxidation with Hydrogen Rich Water. (1.54 - 2.54 ppm; parts per million water hydrogen saturation guaranteed)

What does Hydrogen Rich Water do for you?

• Hydrates up to 6 times more than hydrogen-poor water
• Hydrogen is the world’s oldest and most efficient antioxidant
o Just ask Patrick Flanagan or read Dr. Albert Szent-Gyorgy’s Nobel Prize address
• Hydrogen is the only fuel the body knows.
• Hydrogen stops the oxidative chain reaction sequence. In scientific terms: it reduces oxidation which leads to aging and disease
• Tastes wetter and fresher – better than the finest spring water because it penetrates and your body feels the difference as your tongue receives the silky freshness.

Dr. Hidemitsu Hayashi has brought 25 years of water research to us, as well as, 20 years of documented clinical experience to bring us the key to all health regimens. Hydrogen is necessary to aid the body in cleansing the cells and proper hydration. Scientific research has shown that 35% of disease stems from de-hydration.

Benefits of hydrating with Hydrogen Rich Water

Hydrogen Rich Water
• Water lubricates joints and muscles; our body is 70% water
• Water keeps our minds alert; the brain is over 70% water needing hydration to function
• Water helps the body absorb nutrients
• Water aids in circulation and digestion
• Water regulates body temperature
• Water filters out impurities from the cells and the body
• Patients who maintain good hydration levels with Hydrogen Rich Water have improved blood pressure, a decrease in headaches, arthritic symptoms and back pain and a reduction in chronic illness symptoms

• When we consider that cartilage is composed of 65% to 85% water and muscles are composed of 70% to 75% water, incorrect water intake or poor quality water can account as significant contributing factors to a host of low energy and lethargy symptoms experienced by many people today.

• We know from research that the daily requirement for water increases during pregnancy - it has been theorized that morning sickness also occurs when sub-optimal quantities of water are consumed by the mother and the nausea that occurs during morning sickness may be a manifestation of thirst from the unborn fetus. We also know that as water irrigates and cleanses the kidneys and acts as a carrier vehicle for the kidneys' excretion of toxins from the body the quality of this water is paramount

• 30-35% of modern disease processes can be traced to low or harmful water intake.



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Hydrogen Rich Water - reduces oxidation that creates aging and disease.

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